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I've always been fascinated by the human body, and I pursued that fascination into a career as a massage therapist and wellness coach. I am forever grateful for an introduction to the world of natural wellness and healing that massage school gave me, but that introduction didn't mean true education in how to be healthy.

I, like most women, endured traumatic experiences from youth up. The combination of stress, negative self-image, trauma, and poor lifesty choices led me to feeling fatigued and terrible all the time. By the time I was in my mid-20s, I was afraid I would have to give up my volunteer service and beloved career path. I sought answers from several doctors. I walked out of several doctors' offices with vague descriptions of what was happening in my body, and with multiple prescription options...but no real help.

I turned to a friend in the natural wellness field for help, and I started to dig deep into what needs were not being met in my life. And I grew...not physically, but emotionally. As I began researching nutrition, emotions, and trauma, I began to form a new image of myself. And over several years, I began to feel better and better.


As a massage therapist, I realized how much better most of my clients could feel if they made simple changes to their lifestyle. But it seemed many felt powerless to do so, or simply didn't know how. That began my search into health coaching. I needed to find a way to bridge the gap between knowledge and action.

I truly believe that being healthy should not be hard or impossible. And it is not only available to those who can afford expensive medications. Simple, affordable, sustainable lifestyle changes...with care and guidance...are all that's needed on the path to wellness.

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